Pam Sumpter

Pam is an artist, working with various clays and welded metals. She enjoys the flexibility of
combining these two mediums to produce artworks.

Pam has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Graduate Diploma of Education. She had her studio in Hurstbridge for many years and was represented in galleries in Melbourne over that time, she also taught sculpture and ceramics in a secondary school Macleod Tech for 20 years. Pam enjoyed being involved with young people, building on their enthusiasm to create great works.

Since retirement she has pursued her own work and unique style. Pam is inspired by her surrounding country, producing birdbaths, wall screens and thrown ceramics which she sells in Made in Mansfield, a wonderful outlet for artists in the community. Pam also teaches locally in her studio and has been impressed with the talent and enthusiasm.

In the future Pam hopes to explore a broader use of metals/ceramics as time and strength allows. She is a 75-year-old “woman with a welder” and hopes to keep creating as long as possible. Creating is a large part of her life.

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